Brain capital profiled at United Nations General Assembly and in global public and private reports

29th September


« La notion de ‘capital cérébral’ permet de placer les questions relatives au cerveau au cœur de la réflexion sur la société et l’économie »

5 septembre, 2022


Políticas públicas y neurociencia, la deuda con la salud cerebral

1st September, 2022

Event report published: Brain Capital – The Power of Imagination and Creativity

1st September, 2022


Brain Capital Alliance visits Bages Shared Agendas Project

28th August, 2022


Brain capital showcased in major public and private position statements

28th August, 2022


The economic and societal effects of COVID-19 on our brains

Thursday, June 23, 2022


La science et la tech au chevet de la santé mentale au travail

14 juin 2022


Brain Capital: A New Investment Approach for Late-Life Well-Being

May 20, 2022


Brain Capital: A New Investment Approach for Late-Life Well-Being

May 18, 2022


Brain Capital: An Emerging Investment Opportunity

13th May, 2022


Building a Resilient Future: Addressing Youth Mental Health

April 25, 2022


Violence Against Women and Acquired Brain Injuries

April 12, 2022


Towards a European Brain Initiative

28 January, 2022


Combatting America’s crisis of despair by investing in brains
A grand strategy to protect and build our brain infrastructure

Monday, January 3, 2022


Build brains better: A proposal for a White House Brain Capital Council to accelerate post-COVID recovery and resilience


The aspects that make them most creative may also be their biggest risk.

Dec 9, 2021


Preventing market failure in brain health: Moving toward fixes in investment, operations, and governance

Nov. 9, 2021


Why the fight against COVID-19 won’t end with a high vaccination rate

September 20, 2021


Closing the Brain Health Gap: addressing women’s inequalities


Its time to invest in Brain Health, and Recognise Gender Differences

Aug 4, 2021


Addressing America’s crisis of despair and economic recovery.

A call for a coordinated effort


Bloomberg: NAEC and Neuroscience-inspired Policy

2nd July, 2021


Boosting brain health is key to a thriving economy


A Brain Capital Grand Strategy: toward economic reimagination